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About us:

TECHVIFY Software is a Global AI & Software Development company, providing end-to-end software development and consulting services to main market customers from Singapore, Australia, the US and Japan, in which Global market (English) speaking accounts for 85%.

Currently, the Marketing team of TECHVIFY Software is looking for 01 Digital Marketing Executive, responsible for implementing Marketing campaigns to bring the Company’s Services closer to the target customers. With the motto of promoting sales along with sustainable brand development, we aspire to find a companion who can increase reach and convert target customers.


  • Specialized in Lead Generation, Outbound Marketing, Email Automation, Advertising & Growth Business
  • Execute email and other nurture campaigns, including campaign setup, orchestration, email template setup, scheduling, testing, and measuring campaigns to drive short-term and long-term results in collaboration with Sales & Delivery Departments.
  • Strategize and implement marketing automation strategies.
  • Create new ideas that meet business goals, solve engagement challenges and keep abreast of IT industry best practices.
  • Support the Sales team in executing strategic, long-term outbound email plans that integrate with company marketing initiatives.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative analysis to make intelligent, informed recommendations, decisions, and forecasts regarding outbound programs.
  • Manage the day-to-day planning and set up of marketing campaigns.
  • Manage the troubleshooting of issues that surfaced during the campaign set; develop a thorough understanding of TECHVIFY’s campaign tools.

Skills and Qualifications

1. Knowledge:

  • Graduated from University or above, majoring in Marketing, Business, Economics, Communication
  • Ielts >= 6.0 or equivalent level
  • Knowledge of programming languages, new technologies, and Saas (a plus)
  • Data-driven: good data analysis and synthesis skills
  • Understanding the online environment: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube
  • Diplomatic, exploitative, and willing to learn

2. Experience:

  • At least one year of experience in a B2B/IT/Global Business
  • Must have outstanding campaign portfolio that has been implemented or participated in implementation
  • Have achievements in the following specialties: Paid media (Facebook, Google,…), community building, outbound marketing
  • Clear orientation on sticking and developing with technology products
  • Sharp problem-solving mindset, sensitive to market trends
  • Strong data-driven analysis skills


  • Salary Rank: 10-18M
  • Join a global team and work directly with many talents around the world.
  • Working & growing with a passionate, young, and talented team.
  • 13 months’ salary per year.
  • Healthcare: Annual health check-up, Premium Health Insurance TECHVIFY Care

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